Details of papers we have presented at conferences, seminars, and webinars from 2009 to the present.

NZLS Webinar: Gifting Update ~ November 2017 See more
  • Greg and Chris presented this webinar entitled “Gifting Update – giving it all away”.

NZLS Constructive Trusts Seminar ~ July 2017 See more
  • Chris presented at a two-hour seminar on Constructive Trusts.

NZLS Trust Conference ~ June 2017 See more
  • Greg chaired the conference.

  • Greg and Kimberly presented a paper on varying trust deeds.

  • Chris presented two papers: one on drafting of trust deeds and one on charities.

ADLS Cradle to Grave Conference ~ May 2017 See more
  • Greg presented a paper on the Trust Bill.

STEP Seminar ~ February 2017 See more
  • Greg presented a paper titled “Trusts Bill”.